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Cybersecurity Intelligence

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Insider Threat Detection

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Intelligent Security Applications

Sensitive Data Loss Prevention

CyberUnited’s intersect deploys a behavior psychology model and analytics, inferential algorithms and machine learning to identify probable insider threats looking to steal sensitive data from within and outside an enterprise, academic or government organization.

Finding the Stack of Needles

There are only three traditional ways that organizations determine insider threat; by accident, after the fact or not at all. intersect helps an organization identify, deter and repel all types of insiders by helping to know where to look for inside activity while protecting the identity and privacy of non offending employees.

Discovering Sentiment

Changing circumstances and corporate choices impact sentiment.  We can help your organization see in near real time how certain corporate policies and decisions are impacting the sentiment of employees.

Explaining Behavioral Psychology and Machine Learning

  • Criminal Intent Versus Complacency

  • Concerning Behaviors

  • Anonymization

About Us

CyberUnited makes the intersect Identity and Privacy Protection solution which combines machine learning and data, behavioral analytics and inferential algorithms to determine and prevent identity threats within the enterprise, academic and government organizations.

Our patent pending PitViper decisioning and correlation engine uncovers malicious insiders (employees, supply chain partners, and impostors) attempting to commit fraud, IT sabotage, IP theft and product tampering. Intersect assists in the investigation of insider crimes by detecting illicit behavior in near real time and can help ensure the monitoring of organizational risk and legal and regulatory compliance.

  • A proven behavioral psychology model to identify likely insider and impostor threats
  • Anonymization to protect the identity and privacy of “good citizens”
  • Intelligent Search Concepts (ISC) for pattern recognition and matching which and identify and detect possible profile matches to correlate and rank risk levels and detect malicious behavior
  • Our patent pending Pit Viper® decisioning and correlation engine
  • An analysis method and system to determine individual, group and organizational sentiment
  • o The latest in academic and trade craft research to accurately and intelligently probe traffic for indicators and precursors to malicious activity to the Cloud for deployment

Insider Threat Cases

Disclosed a large number of top secret NA documents to several media outlets

Edward Snowden, CIA

Copied and disseminated classified military field reports, State Department cables, and assessments of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Bradley Manning

Leaked classified U.S. military information to Cuban spies and deliberately distorted U.S. government views on Cuba

Ana Montes,DIA

Used information from top American Executives to make Illegal Transactions within the market profiting over $50 million dollars

Raj Rajaratnam, Galleon Group